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About Me...

Ashley is a speaker, coach, consultant, and author based in Houston, Texas. 

Ashley has spent years in the study of psychology, women's ministry, marketing management, and entrepreneurship.

Thirty years in the corporate arena and ten years in the legal world. Ashley works with attorneys to create their dream practice and personal life.

Dreams can be a reality. You can have a thriving practice and personal life at the same time. 




Your A+ Legal Office


Anger and Sadness are 



J. Black - Houston, TX

"I finished your book and it’s very good. It’s hard to put down once you start reading."

S. Daley – The Rainmaker Institute

"You are a DYNAMO! I look forward to the time when we can join forces to improve law firms."

Andrea Hall – Recovering Attorney and Equine Gestalt Coach

"Ashley wrote a great book that is a quick read. As a criminal defense attorney for 16 years, I found this book very helpful especially in the department of balance and thinking of yourself first. We are taught at such a young age to “grind” it out and that is so unhealthy. Ashley lays out a great plan to help reduce stress and put yourself first. I would highly recommend this book whether you have been practicing for a long time or are just starting your career!"


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Ashley J. Spurgeon | Legal Consultant & Personal Life Coaching

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