An Introduction

Welcome to the A+ Legal Office. This is written for Lawyers because that is the field I have most enjoyed. This information can easily transfer to any service-based business.

I have spent my whole life in customer service, front office management, and small businesses of my own or for others. I do know that I have become an expert. I also have my fields of study in marketing, management, and psychology. I have been working with the public since my first job as a 16-year-old high school student. Every job I had, they would put me on the phones and front desk because I have such a good phone voice and personable customer service style. I have run my own businesses (Some successful and others not so much). I had a web design company for ten years with clients from coast to coast. I was a real estate agent with great success. I learned organization skills from being a mother and running a household. I have worked as a counselor and ran a residential drug rehab. I have worked in marketing, sang in my church choir, and volunteered for Habitat for Humanity, where I worked on fundraising on the board of directors in Lawrenceburg, TN. I have had a vibrant and fulfilling professional life. And a great personal experience as well. I have also been a waitress, receptionist, office manager, bookkeeper, the list goes on. My current boss just laughs and asks, “What haven’t you done?”

I am also an author, speaker, and personal and business coach and consultant, mother of 4, a wife, and mom to my "Fur Baby" Dom a beautiful German Shepherd. I live in the Houston area and love it. Everything is green year-round. What is not to love?

Why am I writing this book? Everywhere I go, conventions, networking events, my doctor's office, I am asked advice on how to improve the functioning of people's office staff and management. I have been giving free advice for so long, and it just does not make sense. I am currently working as the Director of Marketing and Front Office Manager for a Houston Bankruptcy law firm. When I first started there, we would have maybe 3 or 4 people scheduled for the next day consultations now we are booked at least 2-weeks out. I spent 30-minutes in my driveway one weekend talking with a struggling attorney. He had a solo practice that just cost him money and now works for another firm, but the feeling in the office is not the most comfortable. After talking for a little while, he went home and wrote back that if I ever start consulting, he will hire me in an instant to come in and help create the business that leads to a successful firm. I thought to myself...."Why am I just giving away my hints, experience, and advice?"

I still work at a successful law firm in Houston, Texas, as I write this book, but I am also an author, speaker, and life/business coach with my own practice. The fantastic thing is that I can do all of that and still enjoy what life has to offer. I spend time with my family, we eat together every night, and I have time to pursue my passions and purpose.

I write to help others achieve the same dream. You can have the goal of a 40-hour workweek, travel without being digitally connected to your firm, attending the special events in your children’s lives without sacrificing your firm or profits.

Learning to work smarter, not harder; you can grow your practice while learning to enjoy your life. You are starting with having the best staff and moving to streamline your practice, all stemming from a clear vision of what you want for your life both professionally and personally. I hope you enjoy what I share. Please contact me with your questions. or

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