Joy Quest is about reclaiming who you are and who you wish to be.


Joy Quest is about realigning with what you think, feel, believe, and feel clear about it.


Joy Quest is about creating, manifesting the life of happiness, ease, and excitement that you desire.


Joy Quest is feeling comfortable in your own skin, knowing what you want, and enjoying the journey of getting there.

A quest is open-ended. You have not set an ending destination. A quest is a path of discovery where your direction will change slightly with new information discovered. A quest is a spiritual journey of awakening and alignment with you really are. A quest is a discovery of purpose and passion.


Joy Quest is a starting point. Here we discover the direction you wish to go. Over 60-days, we begin to walk the path that leads to the stream that flows to your desires—the path of least resistance.


Joy Quest is a personal expedition. No one else can tell you which way to go. This path is a discovery by you and for you. What you want and what makes you happy is quite different than what I want and what makes me happy.

Joy Quest

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